Doing business with the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management

Doing Business with Us

As a strategic management consultancy, the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management (CICM) is focused on providing clients with solutions to their problems. To this end, our advice is customised and largely intangible. Doing business with us is straightforward, transparent and based on competence and trust.

Our role is to help improve organisational resilience by reducing complexity and highlighting options,  ensuring our clients have the necessary reputational capabilities to lessen their vulnerability to risk and uncertainty.

Key ways in which CICM can add value to your organisation include:

Our Commitment

To provide clients with a service that is:

We will act in the interest of the whole business, developing any engagement from a needs-based relationship through to a total trust-based relationship.

At CICM we wish to make clients' experience with CICM as positive as possible, central to which is our commitment to keeping much of our business approach, including pricing, contracts, and communications as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible.

The Process

A defining feature of doing business with CICM is that we like to keep administrative matters relatively simple, but effective. When you contact CICM one of our team will take your details and a brief summary of the nature of the problem/opportunity under consideration. Two of our Directors will usually meet with you and discuss the issue or any relevant training requirements. Alternatively, we can engage via Skype or video conferencing. Ultimately, it is for the client to decide how and where they want to engage with us.

If required, any NDAs that need to be put in place can be easily arranged at this stage or later. Client confidentiality is fundamental to every aspect of our work.

Depending on the nature of a consultancy issue or problem, once CICM has received a brief and understood what is required it can prepare a response as follows:

Either: an initial written proposal
or: a formal presentation (concurrent with a written response)
or: a face-to-face meeting (to further brainstorm the problems, followed by a more specific report)

Once a clear understanding has been reached about what is required and client expectations confirmed, a more detailed proposal can be drawn up and contracts issued.

Contracts should outline the critical objectives, time-frame, scope, price, who is responsible for delivering the work from CICM and in which format, among other matters. A Director will be appointed with personal responsibility for a client account and will be the main point of contact. All CICM staff have signed up to and work to our Code of Practice and our Ethics Statement, which can be viewed on the website.