What Makes CICM Different?

What Makes CICM Different?

We aim to change the prevailing mindset of executives on risk, issue and crisis management. We focus on new challenges posed by emerging risks and the need to develop more adaptive crisis management response capabilities. We want our clients to be comfortable and competent when handling issues and crisis situations that are replete with ambiguity, complexity, multiple channels of communication and divergent stakeholder opinions.

Our primary role is to act as a corporate “immune system”, facilitating the proactive development of agile and competitive responses to local and transnational threats.

CICM also link people and services together using a network of contacts with collective professional experiences. We open doors and ensure that significant time and money is not wasted for those clients requiring access to the right decision makers and investors.

Our consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds: business, police, military, and academia. Our trainers have significant experience in their specialist fields and have been selected for their intellect, operational exposure, critical thinking skills and understanding of key global risks. Our consultants and trainers understand the realities and constraints of modern commerce, but equally are innovators and problem-solvers.

The Centre’s embedded Think Tank, Consilience, aims to provide geopolitical knowledge and advice on regions and specific countries to help corporations and NGOs with their risk profiling and investment decisions. It highlights advances in science and transformative technologies and their potential risk implications for organisations and brands.

With the external environment moving at rapid speed, many organisations will struggle to keep up. Allow us to assist you and protect your most valuable asset – your hard earned, but easily lost, reputation.