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Think Tank Consilience logoConsilience is the Think Tank of the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management (CICM). The purpose of Consilience is to ensure that clients are properly informed of economic, political and cultural issues, which are present when trying to understand or invest in a specific region. Threats manifest themselves not only from political and economic uncertainty, but increasingly from theft of intellectual capital and cyber attacks. Safeguarding your intellectual capital has now become a strategic imperative, but many executives are ill-informed of the range and extent of risks within the commercial and political environment.

A capability gap is also emerging between the business environment and advances in science and technology. This gap has serious implications for those organisations that are not prepared for its potential disruptive effects, which can result in the rapid decline of core business functions and competitiveness. Consilience aims to help clients understand the context of business intelligence risks and the most appropriate strategic choices to help keep organisations resilient, competitive and adaptive to the global economy.