Overview of CICM

The Centre for Issue and Crisis Management (CICM) is an independent strategic management consultancy. We specialise in helping organisations build reputation management capabilities with a particular focus on six key areas:

  1. Strategic anticipation – risk and issue management
  2. Crisis and consequence management
  3. Reputation management and business development
  4. Leadership development and decision making
  5. Security, policing and economic crime
  6. Strategic investment and geopolitical insight

CICM was developed in response to the growing demand from organisations to develop effective strategic anticipation and response capabilities. We support clients by helping them reduce their vulnerability to uncertainty - enabling them to make better informed decisions, thereby recognising important threats and future opportunities.

We assist organisations to clarify their strategic options, and where appropriate, our consultancy is aligned with current Industry Standards. We have strong cross-functional capabilities and use specialists with backgrounds in the media, police, military, business and academia.

Our services are delivered through consultancy advice and training, either on-site or via CICM’s own premises in Kensington, central London.

Embedded within CICM is the Think Tank, Consilience, which aims to support CICM by providing insights and opinions about geopolitical issues as well as advances in science and technology.