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Consultancy Services at The Centre for Issue & Crisis Management

At the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management we are acutely aware of the need to stay ahead of the competition. We offer services and training to our clients that are not only practical and protect reputation, but also forward-looking, strategically anticipating threats and opportunities that are likely to emerge.

At CICM we define capabilities as “bundles of knowledge, learning and skills, acquired over time by an organisation to perform its core function. Capabilities can be process-related, market interface-related, functionality-related or reputational.”

Our focus is on helping clients develop their second order dynamic capabilities, such as an organisation’s ability to learn, adapt and develop first order (routine-based) capabilities. Second order capabilities allow the development of new strategic capabilities, which help provide competitive advantage.

Our focus is on current and emerging risks and improving crisis response capabilities. Our services in consultancy and training fall into the following categories:

Risk Strategic Issue Management Crisis Management Scenario Planning and Horizon Scanning Corporate Reputation Management Policing, Security and Safety Prevention of Kidnap, Extortion and Blackmail Major Event Planning and Security Geopolitical Risk Assessment Leadership Development and Decision Making Media Control, Message Development and Delivery Risk and Brand Management Resource Reporting CSR and Environmental Risk Assessment Cyber Security Prevention of Human Trafficking