Corporate Reputation Management

sirenMost organisations recognise the importance of reputation, yet few have dedicated structures and people in place to oversee the critical function. We are witnessing the era of a reputation economy, whereby economic sustainability is based less on what you claim and more on what you do and how you behave. Employees and their behaviour, both off and online, have become a focus of much recent attention from those involved in reputation management. One disgruntled employee can do considerable damage online without even having to provide a scintilla of evidence.

The new reputation battlefield is undoubtedly online and e-based, but many of the causes lay within poor policy, structure/function relations, inadequate IT tasking or simple failure to think from a customer perspective. In our view, too much emphasis is placed on reacting to events - managing SEO and online reputation management.

CICM acknowledges the importance of online reputation management, but places equal emphasis on the root cause of many issues and complaints, which can swiftly lead to reputation damage. As a result, our team passionately believes in simultaneously tackling both causes and symptoms.

The origin of many crises can be traced to often seemingly isolated incidents that managers pay little regard to as they appear not to have an immediate or short-term significant impact. The mistakes made with reputation damage often lie in the numerous discrete issues that are ignored or considered either too trivial or complex for senior management attention.

At CICM we really have a deep understanding of reputation and how it can be shaped and "managed". For us, prevention is always better than cure and we take a highly realistic, evidenced-based management approach to this amorphous and complex topic.

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