Crisis Management

earth from spaceMany organisations offer advice and consultancy on crisis management, much of which is professional and well delivered. At CICM however, we take a somewhat different view of how crisis management should be explained and executives prepared. We do not accept that the current mechanistic ways of crisis response training are fully “fit for purpose”. Our training and consultancy have adapted to assimilate complex, ambiguous crisis situations, in which there may be no obvious immediate solution, so that executives are not fazed by uncertainty or complex decision making. For us, effective crisis response capabilities centre on swift analysis, filtering and prioritising of information and effective decision-making under pressure.

We conduct our own vulnerability audits and investigations for clients. We have a strong focus on pre-crisis planning and consequence management. When discussing the acute phase of a crisis we place emphasis on multiple decision-making under pressure and crisis leadership.

Our team of crisis planners and response specialists can place your executives under realistic simulations, which highlight strengths and vulnerabilities, and also explore if unintended consequences can be managed.

CICM offers the following services:

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