Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Risk Assessment

CSR and green issues - leaf photoCorporate social responsibility (CSR) is rapidly becoming accepted by most corporations who acknowledge the importance of sustainability, and more importantly, recognise the reputational value to be gained by embracing it.

Despite the often compelling economic arguments against CSR, it seems that those opposed to it have lost the battle of ideas: climate change is a reality, and as a result, organisations are starting to wake up to the importance that extreme weather is likely to have on their operations. Linked to this is the reality of biodiversity loss, deforestation, population growth, intensive farming techniques and added impact of rapid growth of certain emerging economies.

Developing congruent CSR activities that are understood and aligned with brand values is difficult and has associated risks. At CICM we can assist corporations in reviewing their CSR strategies and explore the associated risks.

CICM offers the following services:

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