Cyber Security

As a threat to commerce and national security, cyber attacks have become one of the most pressing concerns facing executives and governments. Cyber attacks and malware infections are increasing both in their number and capacity to inflict serious operational damage. The UK Government's National Security Strategy (2010) ranked cyber security as a tier-one national security priority.

Whether in the form of advanced persistent threats (APTs) or distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), breaches of security must be addressed if organisations and governments are going to adequately protect their assets, intellectual capital and brand reputations. Networks are becoming more vulnerable given the increasing number of ways they can be penetrated. Malware types and attack modes constantly evolve creating a capability gap between perpetrators and potential victims. Further security challenges are created by mobile devices and networks that offer a new range of threats as tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices start to replace desktop devices. With blended threats also on the increase, corporations have to re-think their current security capabilities, all of which is further complicated by cloud computing.

Threats emanate from a wide range of sources, including foreign governments, organised activists, individual hackers and those engaged in industrial espionage. As a consequence, cyber security is now a multiple billion dollar global business, fundamental to which is the need for business to be continually aware of new threats and anticipate negative outcomes and externalities.

CICM wishes to highlight the importance of cyber security to those organisations who may not have previously considered this complex issues in detail and ensure that they protect their data and wealth creating intangible assets.

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