Prevention of Kidnap, Extortion and Blackmail 

Colourful bus of the Indian SubcontinentThe risk to organisations and their staff of falling victim to kidnap, extortion and blackmail remains real, current and of concern to citizens globally. Companies have a duty of care to their employees to help safeguard them as best possible. Failure to make contingency plans for extreme events can result in significant reputational damage and criticism through the media. Hostage-taking is now a global business, worth in excess of £1 billion and growing daily – it is unlikely to reduce and may become a favourite weapon of choice for certain extremist groups as way of inducing terror. While anti-Western sentiment shows no sign of abating, being in the wrong place at the wrong time could result in your employees or yourself being subject to one of the most frightening experiences possible – being kidnapped and taken as a hostage.

Understanding the specific and unique risks and threats to your organisation are an essential part of pre-crisis planning. Given the devastating impact on the families involved and the stress placed on the employer, it is essential to make serious preparation for the possibility of a kidnap situation. It is no longer high profile oil executives or millionaire business people who are at risk – anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time can be taken for economic or politically motivated reasons.

Much kidnapping can be prevented or at least controlled through understanding of the risks involved and good planning. A plan does not guarantee that a crime of this nature will not happen, especially when operating in high-risk areas, but it can reduce an employee’s exposure to such an event and increase the chance of successful resolution and safe return of an employee.

Blackmail and extortion are also very distressing and serious crimes that are generally underreported. Anyone can become a victim of blackmail and unless they understand the steps that need to be taken, victims can swiftly become overwhelmed by emotions and fail to act rationally.

At CICM, our highly experienced team has ground-truth experience of preventing, preparing and responding to kidnapping, blackmail and extortion. We provide training that is designed to help participants consider and understand their vulnerability and build crisis plans into their management structures.

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