Leadership Development and Decision Making

At CICM, we are acutely aware of an emerging “crisis of leadership” in many organisations globally. Despite leadership being a complex and much debated subject, our approach when advising on it is relatively simple: leadership is essential, heavily based on risk understanding and effective decision making.

Much of leadership is timeless: clarity of purpose and direction, disrupting the status quo, offering hope and strategic thinking. These qualities are still important, but the environment in which leaders now operate has changed out of all recognition from that of only 20 years ago.

Leaders are now faced with environments replete with complexity, ambiguity and rapid technology innovation, all of which are altering business models, consumer behaviour and the ability to plan. This necessitates a different way of leading and understanding how best to secure an organisation’s future prospects. Today, leaders are increasingly confronted by the non-business, geopolitical risks, which complicate horizons and heighten uncertainty.

CICM has its own dedicated Leadership Programme that uses a fusion of business, military, public sector, and police experience to help develop and prepare leaders who have the capabilities, skills and necessary mindset to handle the challenges of next decade.

CICM offers the following services:

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