Major Event Planning and Security

Despite years of accumulated and shared experience in major event planning, security and crowd safety, every year major organised events are impacted by poor planning, severe weather conditions, risk blindness and other 'unforeseen circumstances'. Those responsible will often initially respond that the incident was unpredictable and nothing similar had ever occurred before. Subsequent investigation invariably discovers that not only were the events foreseeable and predictable, but they had happened before, albeit somewhere else, and in a slightly different context. Even where they might not have been avoided, the devastating impact could have been entirely prevented or at least significantly mitigated.

With a rapidly growing global events market, including sporting events, such as the Football World Cup, the Olympics, Cricket World Cup, and Commonwealth Games, as well as major music and arts festivals, it is essential that those involved at all Command levels have at least a basic understanding of issues related to crowd safety and crowd management. For example, all it takes is one high profile celebrity to appear in a shopping mall and with poor planning, hundreds of people can be injured – the result, a high profile brand sponsored-event turns into a nightmare, with negative associations and serious injuries. Such situations can be avoided or at worst, the risk exposure significantly controlled and reduced. Today, with social media, crowds can quickly assemble and the numbers assumed by organisers, may double in size owing to instant communications.

CICM has a team of professionals who have operated at all levels of leading and planning major events and this training will equip those charged with responsibility for large-scale crowd events to be able to scrutinise crowd management and crowd safety plans with a view to recognising areas of weakness. By doing so it will empower them to challenge irregularities and flaws in those plans and ensure standards of crowd safety management are fully integrated into operational plans as they develop. 

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