Policing, Security and Safety

A basic Human Right of any person is to live their life where they feel safe and secure and to know at times of need they can turn to the police to administer justice fairly. Often the police are the most visible public face of a government and play an integral part in both the security and justice systems. They are the institution that most directly affects peoples’ daily lives.

The police not only enforce the law, but they are also responsible for protecting individual rights. Their authority to act is prescribed and constrained by the law.  

In 1829 Sir Robert Peel established the basic principles of modern policing in the UK: 

These principles have been adopted by police forces across the world and are as relevant today as they were over 180 years ago. If a police force is operating according to these principles, roles and responsibilities, it will gain the trust and confidence of the communities it serves. 

Recognised as world leaders, UK police officers are deployed across the world training, mentoring and supporting police forces as well as their leaders, helping build national institutions and assisting those in crisis. At CICM, our highly experienced team, led by UK Assistant Chief Constable (rtd) Steve Dann, has wide experience of leading training and development in the UK and internationally.

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