Resource Reporting

Understanding risks and issues related to key resources, such as oil, gas, minerals, ores and rare metals, is now essential knowledge for many organisations whose products either directly or indirectly rely upon the continuous supply of strategic natural resources.

Risks arising from metal and mineral scarcity, combined with geopolitical complications are expected to increase across all industries in the next few years. Beryllium, Cobalt, Fluorite, Lithium and Tantalum, to name just a few, are some of the metals and minerals that are under supply stress. Instability of supply, securing access, demand, extraction shortage and economic/environmental costs of extraction are all complex issues that will affect core manufacturing industries over the coming decade.

Any industry involved with resource mining or extraction has further complications owing to the multi-stakeholder communications and environmental problems that are normally associated with extraction industries. China, India and South America will place further stress on the political global economy to gain and retain access to key resources over the next decade. The Arctic’s geopolitical relevance is overwhelmingly economic in nature and various countries continue to claim drilling rights in the region. Disputes are also starting to emerge over the Antarctic territories and access to potential resources.

As a result of this pressure, aggression and potential conflict is more likely to happen in the next few decades, especially to those directly involved with access to critical resources, and as such may suck in other States.

At CICM we can help organisations gain a better insight into resource availability and how geopolitical issues and potential actions by States may impact on future decision-making and action.

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