Risk and Brand Management

Brands are subject to numerous risks: brand managers and owners have to constantly attune to emerging risks through strategic anticipation and horizon scanning. Risks not only emerge and exist in terms of competitors’ offerings, but also within the regulatory environment, and increasingly from social media and new e-business models.

For a brand manager the current environment is one of significant contradiction —  never before have the scope and reach of opportunities to develop global brand been so great. Equally, never before has the operational environment been so complex and filled with risks and uncertainty — such an environment makes brand planning extremely difficult.

Brand managers are highly skilled at understanding the risks faced by their brand within core operational environments, but brands are now subject to threats outside of core business activities: severe weather, geopolitical turmoil, supply-chain disruption and technology disruption, loss of mission-critical activities, economic and social unrest, resource issues, cyber security and loss of vital data. One only has to look at education to notice that it is ripe for “disruption” with the rise of open source online courses. Universities such as MIT and Harvard have developed edX, a web-based education delivery model. Many other massive online open courses or MOOCs have the potential to change the way people learn and gain qualifications. Education is just one example of how brands and existing business models are being challenged by technology and peoples’ changing attitudes. Most brands are facing various waves of creative destruction and those that can manage the risks associated, and to some extent, reinvent themselves, will be the most likely to survive.

At CICM we strongly believe that corporations and NGOs, irrespective of their size, should devote more time to anticipating both core and non-core business brand risk. At CICM our people not only understand brands and brand management, but are equally comfortable in spotting patterns, trend analysis and anticipating likely future risks and scenarios. At CICM we can add a deep analysis of non-core risks that may impact on your brand.

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