Risk and Strategic Issue Management

RadarThe sheer speed of change, complexity and number of challenges facing organisations bring new demands to commercial operating principles and practices. As environments become less deterministic, those organisations that have thought carefully about the type of capabilities and strategies required to tackle the emerging risks and issues are more likely to survive.  

CICM is skilled at helping organisations build resilience through business impact analysis, strategic risk and issue management. We also assimilate into our advice the best practice for business continuity management procedures.

We are critical of risk enterprise management frameworks on the basis that they are often too complex for their own good. Our approach, rooted in realism, takes a practical view of which threats can damage core business functions and brand reputation.

Our consultants have a diverse range of backgrounds — business, public sector, military, police — which make our opinions not only significant, but richer in scope and perspective. We are especially skilled at issue analysis, horizon scanning, trend analysis, scenario planning and how these disciplines can be linked to help safeguard reputations.

CICM offers the following services:

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