Strategic Risk Investment

SkyscraperInvesting in a new technology, another country or specific resource is usually expensive, time-consuming and has associated risks and opportunities. Investors face not only typical business risks, but also valuation, liquidity and currency risks. In addition to economic issues, businesses face geopolitical threats and the possibility that the country in which they are investing may be subject to turbulence or impacted by the volatility of a neighbouring country or the wider region.

Understanding what factors may influence political decisions in a country is essential for any investor. Businesses are skilled at employing analysts to understand the risk posed by economic and political issues, but such reports are often deficient in their deeper understanding of underlying complexities and tensions in a region. Such information is vital if one, for example, is considering investing in Africa, the Middle East or the MENA region.

At CICM, in association with our Think Tank, Consilience, we can provide businesses with an in-depth understanding of the often subtle and complex machinations that drive events. By using those with expert knowledge and in-country knowledge, we can formulate a better “picture” of what is happening on the ground and what is likely to happen over the next few years. Such advice and guidance can be critical when considering investing millions of dollars.

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