Event Security Course

Despite years of collective experience in event planning, every year events are impacted by poor planning, severe weather, security threats and other 'unforeseen circumstances'. More often than not those responsible will initially respond that the incident was unpredictable and had little precedent. Subsequent investigations (and often these are fatal incident enquiries) invariably discover that not only were the events foreseeable and predictable, but they have happened before, albeit somewhere else in the world.

Given the growth of international and national major events, it is essential that those involved at all command levels have a fundamental understanding of issues related to event security, crowd safety and management.

This course will equip those charged with responsibility for large scale crowd events to be able to consider crowd management and safety plans and evaluate their effectiveness and efficacy. By doing so it will enable them to challenge irregularities and flaws in those plans and ensure standards of crowd safety management are fully integrated into operational plans.  The focus of the course is on strategic and operational considerations, with a strong emphasis on crowd dynamics and management.

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The course will be spread over three days:

Day One: Overview of Major Event Planning

Day Two: Strategic and Operational Considerations

Day Three: Crowd Management and Contingency Planning

Fee: £2100 + VAT

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