Crisis Management Centre

Consultancy at the Crisis Management Centre (CICM)

As the potential for organisations to experience a complex crisis becomes ever greater, it makes good business and reputational sense to consult with specialists from outside the immediate organisation whose thoughts are not restricted or limited by it. Our approach is based on questioning and challenging assumptions related to existing policy and procedures. Much of what we do is aligned with best practice and international standards, such as PAS 200 (crisis management) or ISO 22320 (emergency planning) and our advice is evidence-based and heavily grounded in realism and practicality.

At CICM we have a duty of care to advise clients in a manner that helps them restore equilibrium and reduces their exposure to reputational damage. Equally, we are strong advocates for pro-active measures, predictive problem solving and advising on pre-crisis planning. Our consultants generally support the notion of organisational inoculation – mild, controlled exposure stimulates the system so when exposed again the organisation is capable of mounting a robust defence and is more resilient. Our consultants also advise on the issue of the inoculating effect of corporate advertising and if and when bolstering campaigns can be useful.

At the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management (CICM) our consultants offer support services in a number of different ways, including:


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