Crisis Management Centre

Training at the Center for Issue and Crisis Management

At the Centre for Issue and Crisis Management (CICM) training is a key service of our business. Investing in staff and keeping them aware of the threats and pitfalls of the commercial environment pays dividends, both in terms of competency-building and motivation. We offer short, strategic courses that are linked to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and our training courses have the following important elements:

At CICM we do not believe that case studies are that useful in helping executives prepare for future challenges. This is based on our strongly held view that hindsight cannot inform or guide foresight, especially given the trend for shorter business cycles, discontinuous change and rapid innovation. Naturally, case studies are used to highlight key points, but they are not the principal tool by which we train.

CICM has a portfolio of courses that can be provided to individuals or groups. We can also adapt and tailor courses depending on specific training requirements and skills as required by clients.

Courses available:


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