Cyber Security

cyber security graphicCyber attacks and malware infections are increasing in their frequency and capacity to inflict serious commercial and reputational damage. As a threat to business and national security, cyber attacks will become one of the most pressing risk security concerns over the next decade. Whether in the form of Advanced Persistent Threats or denial-of-service attacks, breaches of security must be addressed if organisations and governments are to adequately protect their assets, intellectual capital and reputations.

Different malware and attack modes are constantly evolving and a capability gap is emerging between perpetrators and potential victims. Threats may emanate from foreign governments, individual hackers and organised criminal groups. As a consequence, cyber security is now a multi-billion dollar global business, fundamental to which is the need for business to be continually aware of new threats and to anticipate negative outcomes and externalities.

Cyber malfeasance will increasingly be state-backed and those who produce innovative products or critical research will have to be aware of the need to protect their intellectual property and ideas from theft. The risks from social engineering and cyber security should be a top priority for any business vulnerable to attack.

CICM can provide the necessary advice and training in three key areas: first, understanding what information a company has and its vulnerability to attack; second, what forms do social engineering and cyber attacks take; third, how to prevent or reduce the chance of people gaining access to important data or intellectual property through countermeasures and effective developing frameworks of trust.

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