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  • The CICM Knowledge Zone comprises both our own free publications and articles, as well as lists of whitepapers, websites and documents we believe are of use.
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  1. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (Wiley):
  2. The Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (Atlantis Press):
  3. International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (IGI Global):
  4. Emerging Risks: The Hidden Transformers (Ivey Business Journal):
  5. International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management (INDERSCIENCE):
  6. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science (Springer):
  7. Risk Management (Palgrave):
  8. International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management (INDERSCIENCE):
  9. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier):
  10. Generalized Risk-Based Investing (Social Science Electronic Publishing):
  11. Journal of Risk Finance (Emerald):
  12. Journal of Operational Risk (
  13. Climate Risk Management (Elsevier):
  14. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (Springer):
  15. Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations (Taylor & Francis):
  16. International Journal of Emergency Management (INDERSCIENCE):
  17. Journal of Energy Markets (
  18. Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions (Environmental Expert):
  19. The Business Continuity and Resiliency Journal
  20. Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning (Henry Stewart Publications):
  21. Futures:The journal of policy, planning and future studies (Elsevier):
  1. International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (SDIWC):
  2. Computers and Security Journal (Elsevier):
  3. Journal of Computer Security (ISOS Press):
  4. Security Journal (Palgrave):
  5. Journal of Information Assurance & Cyber Security (IBIMA Publishing):
  6. Journal of Bioterrorism & Biodefense (OMICS Publishing Group):
  7. Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers):
  1. Journal of Communication Management (Emerald):
  2. Corporate Reputation Review (Palgrave):
  3. Corporate Communications: An International Journal (Emerald):
  4. Journal of Business Communications (SAGE):
  5. Journal of Brand Management (Palgrave):
  6. Journal of Applied Communication Research (Routledge):
  7. Journal of Marketing (American Marketing Association):
  8. Journal of Public Relations Research (Taylor & Francis):
  9. Public Relations Review (Elsevier):
  10. Ecologist (Ecologist):
  11. Journal of Public Affairs (Wiley):
  1. Strategic Management Journal (Wiley):
  2. Journal of Brand Strategy (Henry Stewart Publications):
  3. Academy of Management Journal (Academy of Management):
  4. California Management Review (University of California Press):
  5. Sloan Management Review (MIT):
  6. International Journal of IP Management (INDERSCIENCE):
  7. Journal of Investment Strategies (
  8. Strategy + Business (Booz & Company):
  9. Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business Publishing):
  10. Bloomberg Business Week Magazine (Bloomberg L.P.):
  1. Review of Finance (Oxford University Press):
  2. The World Bank Economic Review (Oxford University Press):
  3. Financial Times (Pearson PLC):
  4. Econometrica (Wiley-Blackwell):
  5. American Economic Review (American Economic Association):
  6. Journal of Political Economy (University of Chicago Press):
  7. Journal of Economic Theory (Elsevier):
  8. Journal of Econometrics (Elsevier):
  9. Quarterly Journal of Economics (Oxford University Press):
  10. Review of Economic Studies (Oxford University Press):
  11. Journal of Monetary Economics (Elsevier):
  12. International Economic Review (Blackwell):
  13. European Economic Review (Elsevier):
  14. Economic Journal (Wiley-Blackwell):
  15. Journal of Public Economics (Elsevier):
  16. Journal of Financial Economics (Elsevier):
  17. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (Wiley-Blackwell):
  18. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (Elsevier):
  19. Rand Journal of Economics (RAND):
  20. The Economist (The Economist Group):
  1. Business and Professional Ethics Journal (Philosophy Documentation Centre):
  2. Business and Society (SAGE):
  3. Business and Society Review (Wiley-Blackwell):
  4. Business Ethics Quarterly (Philosophy Documentation Centre):
  5. Business Ethics: A European Review (Wiley):
  6. Business Strategy and the Environment (Wiley):
  7. Corporate Governance Journal (Emerald):
  8. Corporate Governance: An International Review (Wiley-Blackwell):
  9. Corporate Governance: The Int. Journal of Business in Society (Emerald):
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (Wiley):
  11. Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development (International Policy Network/University of Buckingham):
  12. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics (INDERSCIENCE):
  13. International Journal of Corporate Governance (INDERSCIENCE):
  14. International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (INDERSCIENCE):
  15. International Journal of Green Economics (INDERSCIENCE):
  16. International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (INDERSCIENCE):
  17. International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJSEI) (INDERSCIENCE):
  18. International Journal of Sustainable Development (INDERSCIENCE):
  1. African Journal of International Affairs (CODESRIA):
  2. African Journal on Conflict Resolution (ACCORD):
  3. Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations (Center for International Conflict Resolution):
  4. The American Interest (The American Interest):
  5. American Political Science Review (Cambridge University Press):
  6. Armed Forces & Society (SAGE):
  7. The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (Japan Focus):
  8. Australian Journal of International Affairs (Taylor & Francis):
  9. Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs (Johns Hopkins University):
  10. Cambridge Review of International Affairs (Taylor & Francis):
  11. Caucasian Review of International Affairs (Caucasian Review of International Affairs):
  12. Center for International Relations (Caucasian Review of International Affairs):
  13. Conflict Management and Peace Science (SAGE):
  14. Cooperation and Conflict (SAGE):
  15. Cornell International Affairs Review (Cornell University):
  16. Current History (Daniel Mark Redmond):
  17. Ethics & International Affairs (journal) (Cambridge University Press):
  18. The European Journal of International Affairs (European Centre for International Affairs):
  19. European Journal of International Relations (SAGE):
  20. Foreign Affairs (Council on Foreign Relations):
  21. Foreign Policy (The FP Group):
  22. Intersec (Albany Media):
  23. Foreign Service Journal (American Foreign Service Association):
  24. Global Environmental Politics (MIT):
  25. Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations (Lynne Rienner Publishers):
  26. Global Policy (Wiley-Blackwell):
  27. Harvard Asia Pacific Review (Samuel H. Lipoff):
  28. Indian Journal of Asian Affairs (India):
  29. International Affairs (journal) (Wiley-Blackwell):
  30. International Affairs Review (US):
  31. International Feminist Journal of Politics (Taylor & Francis):
  32. International Journal of Conflict and Violence (Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence/German Research Foundation):
  1. The Economist (The Economist Group):
  2. Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business School Publishing):
  3. Fortune (Time Inc.):
  4. Forbes Magazine (Forbes Media LLC):
  5. Wired (Condé Nast Digital Limited):
  6. Bloomberg Business Week (Bloomberg):
  7. Investor's Business Daily (William O'Neil + Co. Incorporated):
  8. Financial Times (Pearson PLC):
  9. Barron's (Dow Jones & Company):
  10. Strategy + Business (Booz&Co):