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Geopolitics, Security and Comparative Government

Author/s: John Dalton

Publication Date: May 2014

Geopolitics, Security and Comparative Government

The following is a short excerpt of Geopolitics, Security and Comparative Government. Please refer to the PDF download for the full article including references.

Executive Summary

This concise but wide-ranging course offers a comprehensive summary of issues at the cutting edge of international relations. In three months, participants will gain a broad understanding of a variety of topics relating to geopolitics, security and comparative government. The talks and seminars will be led by experts from the relevant academic and professional sectors, to achieve the highest possible learning outcomes. The course is divided into two key parts. The first explores the theoretical framework for understanding developments in global politics. The second part focuses on the practice of government, with particular reference to the UK political system as a working model. The course is open to all, but is particularly aimed at those who need an authoritative overview of global politics as well as current and emerging security issues.